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4 Things Cuddling Says About Your Relationship

July 16, 2018 Shannon Bailey 0

Cuddling and hookup just don’t seem to go together, right? Namely, the first is an intimate gesture and you should do it with someone you really like. On the other hand, cuddling after sex means that you have both emotional and physical connection. Heck, sometimes […]

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Essential HSV Dating Tips For Men

June 28, 2018 Shannon Bailey 0

Any single man searching for a girl on herpes dating sites has to go through dates again and again, which can be a tedious and discouraging process if you don’t have much luck. However, there a few things you can do or change that will […]

Most Common Online Scams

Most Common Online Scams You Mustn’t Fall For

April 20, 2018 Shannon Bailey 0

A lot of mature singles are afraid of spending the rest of their lives alone. Their wrinkles and gray hair makes them self-conscious, and they start to doubt that anyone would want to date them. This is why they easily fall for good-looking people who pay attention to […]